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DadOfThree Nintendo Switch Game Night

Game Night on the Nintendo Switch gives you the opportunity to play 3 all time classic board games with your family or friends on your own TV.

MONOPOLY: Discover 3D boards, exclusive tokens, and new ways to play, including shorter sessions. For up to six players.

TRIVIAL PURSUIT LIVE!: Experience the thrill of TV-show trivia gameplay with up to three other players.

RISK: Lead troops to victory in this modern version of the classic, with 3D visuals and custom rules. Up to four players.

This great value package has gained regular use in our household with each of us having a favourite from the games available. None take too long to get through, far shorter than when playing on the board, so an evening can easily pass with a couple of goes on each of them.

I personally prefer Trivial Pursuit, which always causes laughs, my youngest likes Risk best, while the others like Monopoly. Just as in real life conflict and arguments are common as the winner always gets a bit over cocky but with a quick turnaround a new game is soon on and a new battle is ready to begin.

You don’t need to be familiar with the games to play them as you are led through them by the console. We had never played Risk before but very quickly picked the tactics up on here.

I managed to get the game on Amazon for about £20 and for the amount of time we have spent on it that represents great value.

If you have a Switch I suggest an investment in this as you won’t be disappointed!

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