My Favourite Mobile Game

Everyone has their favourite mobile phone game and I am no different. That one that can relax you, take up your lunch break or keep you occupied while sitting on the toilet.

For me it’s a game called Microgolf Masters – and I love it.

I rarely play any other game on my phone now and have been occupied with this one for a good 2 years now without getting bored.

If you have not played it then it’s simply a Crazy Golf game. Very easy format with standard options.

It’s addictiveness to me comes in it’s multiplayer options. You can play 1v1 or 2v2 against people from around the world and this is where I spend my time.

For some strange reason I prefer the 2v2 game, teaming up with some randomer to hopefully beat a couple of unfortunate foes.

Comedy comes in posting one of the set comments you are allowed to as you try and distract the others or congratulate your unknown partner for a good shot.

There are other game modes too which I occasionally delve into and there are also options to make in app purchases to improve what your golf ball can do.

I have never spent a penny on the game though and have instead levelled up through continued gameplay and achieving targets.

You rarely come up against someone with far better, or worse tools at their disposal as the game cleverly puts you up against people with similar skills.

Available at the App or Play stores for free and I fully recommend it. Download it now and hopefully one day soon I will see you out there on the green.

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