Lockdown Diaries – Week 13

lockdown diaries dadofthree

It may have pretty much ended for most but it’s still lockdown for us as we now reach Week 13 without any sort of decent trip into the outside world.

Having been no further than the front path or back garden it will no doubt be strange when I travel into London next week for a hospital appointment. It’s not a worry though and there are no concerns on my part for jumping back into the norm. Plus I have one of those face masks things. I have been wearing it around the house, plus my character on Animal Crossing has one so I should be fine.

So i’ll be going out, but the kids are not going. The appointment means I am leaving the house at around 10am, and that is atleast 2 hours before any of them have been getting up lately so they have no chance.

It’s not that I don’t want them to go out – I cut the grass in the garden for gods sake – it’s that they seem to have absolutely no interest in getting fresh air and some exercise and would much rather sit in their rooms playing their games and chatting online to mates. We have a football goal and bikes out there, but no would much rather play against Michael from 3 doors away, at Minecraft.

The console’s have been getting hit hard of late by all of them, indeed all of us. Jamie’s birthday last week brought extra games into the house with Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch being the stand-out by far.

animal crossing new horizons

All of us are playing it and the poor Switch is barely getting a charge before taking another hammering. Only stock availability is stopping us getting another one – and we already own two.

Away from that we have enjoyed the return of football to the box. Non-stop Premier League is here and it’s great to see some top level competition once more, and Arsenal games. There may not be any crowds at the games but that ain’t a problem, I provide the atmosphere as apparently I talk all the way through the game anyway so it makes little difference.

Hopefully non-league football gets the go ahead to return shortly, as that would then give me plenty of work to do. I really need it back!

Netflix is still a saviour for our entertainment needs with us watching some good stuff lately.  We are currently mid-way through an excellent series called ‘The Staircase’ where some bloke killed his missus and got banged up for it. He said he didn’t do it but he clearly did. It’s good and a true story and well worth a watch.

At time of writing the weather is far too hot for me or any of us in this place. It’s been a couple of days of crazy heat and our individual fans are really driving up the electricity bill. We needs some rain, stop those people going onto the beaches. Not just because of the pandemic but because it is too hot, they will get burnt. Stay indoors! Be like me! Watch Netflix.

Oh well, off to try and convince the boys to do some schoolwork. Wish me luck.

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