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The Greatest Album of all Time

Music has always been important to me and I was fortunate to be at my prime when the greatest spell in it musical history swept the world. It felt great to be alive in the Britpop era, with classic tunes being released every week and radio stations and TV channels […] Read More

How I win Competitions!

COMPER:¬† NOUN¬† – A person who enters competitions in newspapers, magazines and online to win consumer goods. My name is Dean and I’m a Comper. Well I must be as that’s what I do. Pretty much daily I spend time entering competitions featured across many media types and thankfully have […] Read More

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Playstation 5 Reveal Night

After months of secrecy, Sony finally revealed the design of its next-generation PlayStation 5 console. Actually, it unveiled two of them, a standard edition and a digital edition with no optical drive. Now as someone that owns the complete set so far this was an interesting showcase for me and […] Read More

My Favourite Mobile Game

Everyone has their favourite mobile phone game and I am no different. That one that can relax you, take up your lunch break or keep you occupied while sitting on the toilet. For me it’s a game called Microgolf Masters – and I love it. I rarely play any other […] Read More

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Playing Games during Lockdown

Three weeks into lockdown and to keep us entertained a few of the boardgames came out at the weekend. In what was a nice change from being glued to electronic devices the 9-year-old, Jamie, entered the toy cupboard and came out with 5 classics for us to have a play […] Read More